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and equipment to the western edge of our state and north to jercy. all in all maryland has provided 33 pieces of emergency -- 30 pieces of emergency pieces. >> we were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit. the blessing is we did not receive that. now we're able to use some of our oin resources to support other states and parts of hour community in western maryland. >> howard, talbot along with washington city are among those sending aid. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> there are some stories of loss coming out of new jersey and new york in the wake of superstorm sandy, but one terrible story grabbed everyone's attention a mother and her two toddlers were stranded in a staten island neighborhood after the suv got stuck. the mom said she was holding on for dear life and knocked on a house pleading to be let. she was turned away add her sons were washed away. the bodies were found a quarter mile away. they questioned a man in the home where the woman said she was turned away. he said he never saw her only a man who asked to come outside to help. >> feel
bus are running at nearly normal schedules. go to getting in and around western maryland is really proving to be treacherous because of the snowfall. garrettalley toured county today. the governor says his main concern is getting help to senior citizens, the sick and disabled. fema has moved its headquarters out west. bge reports that more than 90 acres -- 90% of customers have had their power restored -- 98% of customers that have their power restored. the highest concentrations of outages are in baltimore county. >> to be zero separate water main breaks in northeast baltimore -- two separate water main breaks in northeast baltimore had crews very busy. >> how long are they thinking traffic is going to be impacted? >> it is still not clear. public works official said it could be as many as a few days before the roads are reopened. before about 40 residences and businesses get their water restored. you can see that crews are still on the scene tonight working to restore that water main break. public works crews hard work during morning rush hour. just hours later, another
later this afternoon. it is still cold out in western maryland and high land west virginia where they have all that snow. still only in the 30s there. closer to washington, the areas in green are beginning to climb into the 50s. it's 50 at reagan national. photos, new ones of the heavy snow devastation in western maryland. that will be coming up in a minute. we'll have the seven day outlook as well. >> can't wait to see the pictures, tom. >> we are going to check the midday traffic for the first time. >> yes, danella sealock can tell us how it's going on the roadway. >> we are seeing effects of sandy on the roads if you are traveling in the district. 200 trees down in the area. if you are making the commute on local roadways, be careful, use caution and look out for downed trees. also, traveling up new york avenue in northwest, the right lane is blocked by water repair. i's going to last four to six hours from now. word of construction on the american legion bridge on the outer loop. the left lane is blocked. back to you. >> thanks. >>> we are following a developing story right n
virginia, western maryland. that whites -- that is not cloud cover. that is the snow pack. still visible from the backside of sandy as it moves through. especially in garrett county in western maryland. 55 right now at reagan national. wind out of the north at 14 miles per hour. not quite as dusty as yesterday but you still do noticed the wind -- not quite as dusty as yesterday, but you still do notice the wind. the errors are indicating the direction of the wind out of the northwest -- the air rose are indicating the direction of the wind out of the northwest. -- the arrows. we have seen this pattern for a couple of weeks now. we will finally shake it on saturday and sunday. tomorrow, you will really notice the change. 52 out of winchester at this time. here is a look at the nor'easter pushing out to the far north atlantic. otherwise we have nothing but sunshine and beautiful conditions because of this high- pressure system. is typically brings -- it typically brings sunny conditions, but could pushes the air down. we have the southwardly trend. the weather pattern pushing above average
into western maryland and temperatures are in the 30's. they have a little bit more sunshine filling in here. we are in a cool air mass at this stage of the game. the east and northeast winds are enhancing that a little bit. here you can see the thin clouds in western maryland. this not a total forecast, total blockage of the sun. they are all down to the south. is the east winds that are keeping us kind of cool. there is a weather disturbance out of the south traveling to the northeast. it looks like it will head off shore and keep going. it is a minor disturbance. our clouds are more or less related to this disturbance in the south. out west there is better weather. some of that will sneak in as we head towards the weekend. down the road there will be more disturbances and they will be coming out of the southwest and along the coast. we have to watch these storms that get out over the atlantic to see if they keep going or if they come up to the coast. various models are producing different solutions as to what will happen. you can see the lay of the land temperature-wise. mildest readings
waters of the bay tomorrow. i and western maryland, the storm is too far off the coast to really impact them. -- out in western maryland. as you go farther east, then you get more of the storm. it will taper off thursday morning. maybe ending as a flurry on the beach thursday morning. the forecast around here, once the storm leaves, temperatures begin to climb. 67 friday, 67 saturday. a good-looking veterans day monday with highs in the 60's. >> this is 11 sports. >> in owings mills, preparations have begun for their game sunday against the oakland raiders. it is hard to say how the reagan should builder defensive game plan this week. carson palmer threw the ball 61 times last week in a loss to tampa bay. typically the ravens would go with stopping the run first against mcfadden. it is unclear if he will play on sunday, which makes it equally unclear on how the ravens will go about stopping the raiders. john harbaugh knows one thing not to expect this sunday are most sundays for that matter. that is a lopsided outcome. >> i am all for blowouts, as long as we are the ones doing the blowi
-atlantic states. in oakland in western maryland. -- 32 in oakland in western maryland. 52 degrees in rock hall. just to give you a little perspective, the average height is 62. we are 10 degrees below that mark. i know it's a whole clutch hitting for us, at this temperature--- don't see a whole lot to dig for us, at least temperature-wise. high pressure will come in over the weekend and will keep us chilly but dry on saturday and sunday. this disturbance up here is coming out of the mountains. you can see the circulation in the cloud producing a few sprinkles. if you were out this morning, you may have noticed that. hit and miss showers pop-up. we have some lake effect snow showers going on in upstate new york and back into parts of pennsylvania. in the weekend, the upstream will stay in the same place, meaning below normal temperatures for us all the way to the weekend. for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. slight chance for a couple of sprinkles. sunset at four minutes after 6:00. when you wake up tomorrow morning, there will probably be some frost out there. seven-day forecast, quite
at sunshine by 7:00 and by 7:00 tomorrow, most of the showers will shut off in western maryland. western maryland had 24 to 30- inches. gatlinburg, tennessee, had 34- inches with sandy. that is impressive. all right. headlines. gold star, maybe a morning sprinkle north of town. a jacket required, a good idea for both you and the kids, a breezy to windy tomorrow. we'll see kinds winds in excess of 25 miles per hour. you will need your sunglasses in the morning and friday afternoon. so, overnight, we'll see mostly cloudy, breezy and cold. winds westerly at 10 to 15. by morning, becoming partly sunny. again, could see a sprinkle, 30s and 40s. winds west-northwest. high around 55, and the weather alerts, green, green, green, 54 and a sprinkle, 53 on saturday, we have the walk or autism speaks. we lower temperatures to only 53 but try. next 7 days, monday we'll keep it cool, mid 50s. still watching a storm off the coast on wednesday and thursday next week. right now we'll just say cold and maybe cloudy on thursday with highs in the 40s. >>> all right. we'll have sports in just a minute. . >>>
's showing up in western maryland where the clouds are increasing and thickening, and the rain is approaching. gregoire for this time of year. -- pretty warm for this time of year. 30's and 40's in cleveland, columbus, up to detroit. a solid line of rain stretches from the eastern great lakes into western pennsylvania, almost into oakland and garrett county. it will be there in the next hour or so. we expect rain to keep moving east tonight, especially -- reaching the baltimore area close to midnight. right over toward baltimore and the western shore of the bay by about midnight or so. the rain starts to change over to some snow overnight and there could be a light accumulation. probably some rain year for the tuesday morning rush-hour in and showers will continue pressing east and looks like the skies will clear up as we head toward lunch time and into the afternoon hours. 35-bit before the love tonight, but the clouds will shift to the northwest and that dusty northwest breeze will bring in cooler air. even though we will see sunshine tomorrow afternoon and wednesday, it will
clouds over the mountains, where they are still recovering and power out in western maryland from allegheny, garrett county. dealing with power outages there. as we go forward throughout the day today, we'll have temperatures rather chilly. in fact, we'll be chillier than average for the next several days. right now, down to 34. manassas, prince william, charles county, to 40 degrees. mid 30s in montgomery county. a cold start, down to 34. chan dough wavalley, many locations in the 30s this morning. hour by hour throughout the day. 6:00 a.m. temp tufrs in the 30s, much of the region, a light breeze, but the winds will pick up a bit. gusts to 15, 20 miles an hour from time to time by noon, and partly cloudy, near 50, maybe much stronger gusts during the afternoon to 25 miles an hour. breezy, chilly day coming up. but we'll have welcome sunshine in and out. sunshine, 7:37. sunset, 6:06. friday morning traffic, first look with danella. >> taking the beltway, i'm checking for construction, cones up at some of the roads here. let's start at new hampshire avenue. two right lanes there.
'm jessica doyle, 9news now. >>> there is some good news for residents in far western maryland. garrett county sheriff now says about 95% of the state and county roads are open. that is after 30 inches of snow. last week, maryland governor o'malley toured the areas hit hard by sandy's blizzard conditions, and nearly all residents now should get their power back on by midnight tonight. that is going to be a little chilly. >> reporter: a lot chilly. lots of 20s out there tonight. then wednesday gets really interesting, in a sense. we are going to have a nor'easter, going to bring us some rain and there are hints some of the rain is going to change to snow across parts of the area later that afternoon and wednesday night. not sure how much we may see stick. better chance after -- dark or late in the afternoon. it is beautiful outside. clouds burned off and we are left with sunshine. it is on the cool side though, temperatures are going to get maybe a few degrees warmer, forecasting a high of 52. with the wind out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. then to the evening sunset 5:03. 7:00
maryland and western virginia where they got the heavy snow. thousands without power there. and frederick county, into washington county. thousands without power. much of maryland, much of virginia in the 30s this morning. eastern shore, milder, in the low 40s. potomac, 44. throughout the day, you will need your winter coat. the winds increase during the afternoon, partly cloudy, gusts of wind around 20 to 25 miles an hour. to the northwest as we climb to the mid 50s by mid afternoon. i'll be back with the friday evening planner, first four traffic with danella. >> good morning, tom. let's start the report looking at the rails. taking the vre/fredericksburg line, experiencing equipment problems. metro running on or close to schedule. roadways, delays at i-270. southbound 109. heavy on the brakes, from fredericksburg. you continue to germantown area. not bad at all. germantown southbound, clear as you connect to the beltway. northbound, no issues at all. back over to you. >>> 6:02. more than 1,000 dom mimon very grows will head to new jersey. news 4's meagan mcgrath live at national harbor
. >> chilly and cold coming from a front. >>> it's beginning to dry out in western maryland. cloud cover breaks out in parts of the ohio valley where temperatures are down in the 20s right now out there. out in west virginia, it's near freezing after the rain has stopped. but east where it is raining, we're generally in the 40s. we'll stay in the 40s throughout most of the day today. we'll be hovering in the upper 40s this morning back down to the mid-40s during the afternoon as we dry out. we'll have the rain ending by about 9:00 this morning. a look at the rest of the week and weekend in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> we're looking at dry roads. not seeing any accidents or construction as you look at van dorn. as you cross over the wilson bridge and heading towards pennsylvania avenue, no issues here. continuing around the beltway in prince george's county, looping around montgomery county here. here's a live look at connecticut avenue. inner loop and outer loop, absolutely clear. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >>> st
of the day with much cooler air. bay.on the shore of the down to freezing in gettysburg. western maryland, 20's. clear skies and northwest breeze. tomorrow, high pressure comes in. expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow. mostly in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. everybody else in the nation is in a cool weather pattern. that will include a tomorrow. thursday, we see a storm trying to develop here. that may bring some clout. . our next best chance for rain, the end of the upcoming weekend. temperatures below normal. strong enough on the bay for a small crafted by three. western maryland, rise only in the 30's. -- high only in the 30's. average about 57, 58. we will end up in the low 50's on the coast. cloudy on thursday. seven-day forecast. into the 70's. dry weather through the work week. a chance for rain developing sunday afternoon. >> tonight, baseball writers announced. we can make you a millionaire. the first number, 12. 31. 6. 46. 56. now for the metal ball. the metal ball number is 34. the metal ball number is 34. friday, the jackpot will to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a fe
in pennsylvania and western maryland, they may seep temperatures fall in the upper 20's to around 30. it will be a wide range of temperatures. there is not a whole lot of precipitation tomorrow. a cloudy sky, light north winds and lows ranging under freezing not suburbs to around 40 degrees to bat mother and oast -- baltimore and east. there are some thunderstorms over the atlantic and get farther away allowing high pressure to build in tomorrow afternoon. we will see sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. and high pressure from new england holds strong into saturday and sunday which means the next storm won't have a chance of getting up here. high pressure will block it through the coming weekend. so the forecast has improved for the weekend. partly cloudy skies tomorrow a temperatures a little cooler than normal. waves less than a foot. in western maryland tments timely get back into the 40's. that's an improvement for them. eastern shore mid 50's with sunshine returning and on the lore shore clearing in the afternoon and a great weekend at ocean city. if you're going up the p
since supeestorm sandy hit....uttii western maryland many are &pmess. in garrett county about 99-perceet of state and county &proads are nowwoppn. more than 5-thousand people in western maryland re still without power tonight. the maryland army national guurd was seet in to lead searchhand rescue ptranded vehicles. more than 30-inches of snow ell in someeplaces thhre. a definite chill ii the air tonight.and now, we'ree eepiig an eye on anooher storm. storm.chief meteorlogist vytas reid has more in first 33 early voting in hio has president obamaain the lead. why the romney ccmpaign isn't just focuued oo the buckeee statt. drive-thhus-- not just for &ppast fooo... the public healt service thii drive thru was handing out. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i
nor'easter threat. talking about the snow, see the tha going in to western maryland there, the models, not so much in agreement but the euro, the european model, the one that sandy, the one that really brought sandy in, so this is the one that i'm talking about through time. with this, i'm thinking that the european model will stay closer to us. the european model is a colder solution, it has the potential for snow, around here. future trend not picking up on a lot for today. you can see the model again, coming up across the area, the coastal storm, and this will be bringing us rainy conditions, snowy conditions, also windy conditions as we go in to wednesday and thursday. for today, the temperature will be at 50 degrees, sun-cloud mix and chilly. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> hard to believe we are talking about snow. unfortunately, dealing with a crab in baltimore city, charles street at northern parkway, a look at 83, just north of the beltway, notice everybody going to be up to speed. no problems getting downtown. as we check in and look at 695, parkvil
sprinkles from western pennsylvania into western maryland. thankfully, the big snow machine has ended out there. the dark blue areas are around freezing. that's much of western pennsylvania into western maryland. the light blue generally in the low to mid 40s. we're going to hold steady here for the next several hours and not warm up much today. hour by hour, by 6:00 a.m., it actually may dip down to the upper 30s and maybe a few sprinkles around, and then by noontime, maybe a few breaks in the clouds and only the low 50s and a northwesterly wind, and a little sunshine breaking out by mid afternoon. highs mid 50s, mid afternoon. low 50s late afternoon. sunsets at 6:07. those will be an hour earlier beginning sunday morning, as we fall back over the weekend. i'm back in ten minutes. danella is here now with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. first let's start 395 in virginia, southbound. washington boulevard had a crash blocking the right and the left lane. let's head back up to damascus now. if you're traveling along ridge road, it's closed between woodville road because of
. showers in the western maryland mountains. the bulk of the activity is no longer the eastern seaboard and moving out pushing away from our region. a gradual clearing trend will continue statewide. at bwi marshall today, a little over 0.4 inches of rain and rain a monthly total to 0.5 inch, still running a little bit of a deficit for the month and a few inches short this year. temperatures were up in the 60's and then most of the day has been chillier than about but tightly the high for this calendar day just after midnight was 63 degrees. in the upper peninsula in michigan. as close as pittsburgh and western maryland. below freezing now in oakland. no.-northwestern wind will continue to push into maryland as it rolls on. 39 and our harbor by tomorrow. the sun went down this late afternoon early evening of four- o'clocks 53. tamara, high-pressure coming in. -- at 4:53. tomorrow, high pressure. even with the sunshine to maroc, temperatures are expended to be considerably below normal. the colder air mass coming our way. to the south, the front may hang up a bit to see if an area of low
taking a track to the north instead of west and that helps things in maryland. we are on the western edge of it and the potential is there to see some rain before it ends up later tonight. you can see where the snow is now. parts of connecticut, new york, down into new jersey. winds over 40 miles an hour. while things are quiet in ocean city, is a strong nor'easter and a strong snowstorm in parts of the atlantic coast to the north of there. that cold air is pulling down into maryland. it is possible some of our brain may next but the storm is going to pull over night. another colder than normal day. still supposed to be about 60. we were only at 44 degrees today. it is going to get colder tonight. temperatures falling on strong wind. gusts of 20-30-45 miles an hour. up to 40 offshore in the mid- atlantic coast. winds 25 miles an hour along the eastern seaboard as the storm goes north. new jersey and delaware, there is even a winter weathered wiser for the northeastern corner of our states. perhaps an accumulation of snow, cold air services and maybe some tree branches, parts of the easter
in the really dark blue, they're in the 20s in western maryland and western parts of the viewing area around the blue ridge and into west virginia in the 20s. but the light blue area, you can see right around northern virginia and the district and the nearby suburbs hovering around 40 degrees. and reagan national at 43. we're going to stay cold for another couple of hours. hour by hour throughout the day today. winds picking up a little bit too, gusting to around 20 miles an hour. that will be happening later this morning and during the afternoon. sunrise, that's an hour earlier. back to standard time, 6:40 this morning. sunset, that's an hour earlier too. part of getting used to. 5:03 is the sunset today. it will be right back down into the mid-40s by then. i'll show you a hometown forecast in ten minutes. now let's take a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> checking out the beltway for you now. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway at georgetown pike, a disabled box truck in the right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open. outer loop, still seeing pa
freezing still where the heaviest snow fell in west virginia and in western maryland. around the metro area, a few pockets of 30s in southern maryland, but all above freezing. there will be a chill in the air. maybe a sprinkle this morning. a lot of cloudiness through noontime. highs reaching mid 50s. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. here's danella now with your traffic. >> still starting with the rails because orange line is still slow. power outage outside of west falls church metro station causing delays all the way to new carrollton. vre looks nice and clear with no reported delays. looping around to the wilson bridge, in both directions, you're accident-free. volume not too bad just yet. over to i-95, it is slow. as you make your way northbound, even in the hov lanes you can see some crowding. checking travel speeds, it will take you at least 30 minutes to get to the beltway. aaron, over to you. >>> a developing story in northeast d.c. right now, firefighters trying to anything yur out what sparked a warehouse fire near gallaudet university.figure out what spar warehouse fi
, at least through midmorning. it is below freezing ter the rain has stopped. western maryland, much of west virginia. locally, closer to washington from the shenandoah valley east to the bay, we're generally low to mid-40s. you need a winter coat and an umbrella. by 7:00 a.m., still in the mid-40s with the rain falling. should end by 9:00. by noon, chilly and breezy under a cloudy sky in the upper 40s: we'll be slowly'droi lly droppi down to the low 40s later this afternoon and into the evening as we begin to clear out. more details on the storm team 4 radar in ten minutes. now an up close look with traffic with danella. >>> first 4 traffic report, we're going to start in maryland. if you're traveling along rockville pike at old georgetown road, crass in that intersection blocking a few of your lanes. let's talk about the delays along i-95. a very wet commute. prince william parkway making your way northbound, you're heavy on the brakes. solid delays from stafford as you head towards prince william parkway. and then to get to the beltway, it is stop and go. 36 minutes in total from quantico
at frederick. just beginning to drop into the 40's out in far western maryland. maryland. satellite image shows clear
the sky is cleared out, western maryland, west virginia, it's into the upper 20s there. a lot of cloudiness. light wind. cold morning. near 50 by midafternoon. sunrise, 6:51. sunset, 4:54. we'll take a look at another hometown forecast in 10 minutes. a look at traffic now. >> good morning. let's check in for cameras, accidents, not seeing any. that's the good news in our area. most of the road work is just about complete. i-95 in maryland, nice between the capital beltway. i-270 right now. a live look as you travel in clarksbu clarksburg. southbound and northbound. no issues between frederick and the beltway. here's a live look now. i-270 and i-95, absolutely clear. over to you. >> thank you so much. breaking news now. the violence between israel and hamas intensifies. an attack on the gaza strip killed three overnight. israel launched an offensive killing the military leader of hamas on the air strike on gaza. palestinian leaders say president mahmoud abbas cut short a trip to europe. >>> some of the nation's top intelligence officers will tell congress about september's dead
cold it is in western maryland right now. that is that cold air coming behind the sunshine, and this marine layer is moving off shore. with that sun behind it, a large area of high pressure will build in, and that will bring us an area of high pressure for the next few days. you can really see that in the national picture, that blue sheeting dipping down into kentucky and tennessee. a very cold air coming in behind this front and it will stick around for quite some time. tonight, you will see the temperatures drop down even more. we are talking mid-30's out there. sunset is early as well, so the temperatures will drop pretty quickly after 4:53. that is the official sunset. it is going to be called. slowly warming up to 56 on friday. notice the temperatures next week. near the freezing mark. and we have the potential for rain returning next week. >> and i am from valley view farm's to answer your questions. >> these are great winter bloo mers. they are in indoor plant, but they can take temperatures 65, 60. in my house, it is rarely above 60. and they come in purple, so they
on the boardwalk. edgewood 49. frederick is 52. only the 30's in western maryland. they have snow on the ground, too. we look at the storm again. most of the real significant precipitation is moving into nova scotia and away from the united states of the storm is tracking away from us. some of the residual clouds rotating on the backside are clipping us just a little bit. a lot more sunshine to the east. a little bit of snow cover up to the west. our next form from a week and is tied to put itself to the other and the plains. ahead of the next storm there will be really mild air being pushed into the area. that is the trend our forecast will be taking. we should be of around 60 this time of the year. mostly sunny skies. northwest winds over land at 10- 20 gusting at 25. over the open water where the wind can really get momentum. northwest wind gusting to 30. small craft advisory out this afternoon. we take a look at our insta- weather-plus few -- future cast. what is significant is the area of high pressure off to the southwest the storm goes away. high pressure comes overhead. this will keep u
in western maryland. here is that a storm spinning out to the west. it is all lined up along the front. now moving into the dakotas. there are some new storms developing. there might be a little severe weather there. some strong thunderstorms. all this stuff is being pushed up into the great lakes right now. that will be the trend for the next day or so. the map this evening shows the warm air coming in. we have not seen the warmest yet. that is coming during the day tomorrow. all of this shifts east tomorrow. our mild weather today becomes warmer. 39-45, the lows tonight. winds will become tonight. we will shake some of the clouds tonight. 65 to approaching 70 degrees tomorrow. more sunshine. you were clouds. southeast winds at 5-10 mph. sunset is that 5:33. the high temperatures are closer to 3:00 in the afternoon than they are to four or five. it does begin to cool down before the sun gets the chance to set. a nice deal for selling the mark. -- for sailing tomorrow. london night, time for some rain. that will continue into tuesday. here is the 7 day forecast. veterans day. it is also rav
. temperatures in the low-40's in western maryland. they have been running in the 30's for the past couple of weeks it seems. the first hint that some warmer air beginning to move into the mid-atlantic. clear skies and calm winds tonight. after the chill wears off tomorrow morning, the southerly breezes and some sunshine will start to warm things up. some high, cloud cover out here in indiana and kentucky. we may see some of that tomorrow. gradually this warm weather does to our south and west will surge into the mid-atlantic region. future cast shows the cloudiness. our computer models are going to be generating a few sprinkles underneath those clouds to the north. in the afternoon, the clouds than now, sunshine comes back, southerly breezes and the warm- up is under way. the next from coming through the great lakes and the ohio valley does not get here until tuesday of next week. tomorrow should be a beautiful day. sunny to partly cloudy. south wins at 5. sunrise 1/4 to 7 -- sunrise at 6:45 a.m. up in the maryland mountains, it has been like december and january the past couple of weeks
direction. 59 is normal. almost there. on the day, 5-10 knots. western maryland, they will see temperatures climbing into the 40's tomorrow. climb into the 60's in the mountains on sunday. eastern shore, a cambridge, temperatures well above normal for a couple of days and enjoy the sunshine. the storm may produce some wins tomorrow but it will be a sunny day. mostly sunny on sunday as well with temperatures into the upper 60's. we have raven's football on sunday. the veterans day holiday on sunday and monday. 57 tomorrow. i am thinking we could get close to 70 degrees on sunday. clouds on monday but the rain holds off until tuesday and then temperatures cool off a little bit. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is sports. >> spectacular weather for the ravens game against oakland. going into that, we continuing -- at least this week, they heard about the raiders. 251 rushing yards. four touchdowns. 10-yard average. you do not see that very often in high school. people like compare him to re rice -- ray rice. but he says do not expect a free pass. >> everybody thought they ran
of the states. light sprinkle starting to break out in western maryland as well ahead of the cold front. this will cause big changes as we go to the next couple of days. we're going to say goodbye to the mild temperatures. the cold front sitting and west of the appalachians. a little bit of snow happening on the backside of this in indiana and western ohio. this is what will move our way into the next couple of days. first, a chance for rain. we take you through the evening. a couple of sprinkles may break out. nothing significant early on. then we go later into the night. and that is when we have the better chance for rain. after 9:00 around baltimore, showers could be possible and to that night. could be a bit of a messy commute rain-wise. early tomorrow bishop all clear out into the afternoon. that takes us into the forecast tonight. temperatures will drop into the forties to low 50s. we will be mostly cloudy tonight with showers possible late after 9:00. that takes us to the seven-day forecast as the showers could wander into tomorrow morning. this may occur earlier in to the day. t
wise, 40s and 30s, a few 30s in western maryland. we'll be cooling off a little more rapidly. last night we had the clouds around. it works to insulate us a little bit so we don't drop off as sharply. tonight will be crystal clear. we'll cool off rapidly. any weather maker at all. i don't see too much. we have the coastal system that will sit off of the carolinas. it will sit here and spin. the possibility of a stray shower maybe southeastern maryland down into virginia perhaps by monday into tuesday but this doesn't look like much. the bulk will stay offshore. has we look to the west, there's nothing. there's a big huge dome of high pressure. this will keep us high and dry through the weekend, hoping to keep that coastal system offshore, big bubble. this cold air mass will moderate. back in the 50s. you see the coastal low. >> the leonid shower. 53, mostly sunny, mid-50s, some sunshine. it's gorgeous, just a bit on the cool side. as we take a look beyond that some slight changes by tuesday night. i think we could see a round of showers. should clear out by early wednesday. so flye
roscoe bartlett in the newly configured sixth congressional district that encompasses western maryland and northern montgomery county. the biggest cheers were reserved for those moments when it was announced that barack obama had been reelected. see what some of the people had to say. >> i am ecstatic. i am so glad that we now americans have an opportunity to continue to grow instead of going backward. >> i am so happy. i am happier now than i was four years ago because this gives him validation. i woke up this morning -- and knew we were going to do it. it is even more meaningful than the last time. >> just about everybody said they were also satisfied and pleased with the way the voting was going for the big three questions before voters in the state of maryland. the dream act, which would provide in-state tuition to maryland universities for children of undocumented immigrants. also, the same sex question measure, the civil marriage protection act which has been projected to be approved by maryland voters. and question 7, the casino, which looks like it will be built in prince georg
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, parton, 44. thirties and forties in the far western maryland so temperatures are beginning to chill down out that way. looking at the satellite-radar combination, the storm is spinning off the coast. it will come up for a while and then moved to the east. the rain will get closer to us, but not this far north. how close will it get? the air is pretty dry and we have this high pressure sitting here. even if it tries to move up, this will just dry and out. that will be are saving grace of the storm is developing. that is the game plan. tonight, clouds and maybe some patchy fog toward daybreak. 32-39 with a light north- northwest wind. tomorrow, 51-56 is the high. we will probably start off with a few breaks in the morning so cloud that sunset will be the dominant feature. chilly with the wind. the instant + futurecast showing this moving what i do not think it will quite make it here. the further south, the higher the chance for rain. heading towards things giving, we see this developing offshore and this is what this lookalike. a breeze might kick up a with the center of the storm that fo
and tomorrow. finally, a good deal of sunshine at high temperatures in the '30's in western maryland. may be a passing shower tomorrow. lots of sunshine on saturday. at that coast, a breezy couple of days. high temperatures each day in their mid-50s. this is the weekend we go back to standard time, so we fall back to 1:00 at 2:00 on saturday. -- on sunday morning. around baltimore, temperatures stay below normal. 54 highs. through the weekend, partly cloudy. election day looks decent but clouds will be increasing because the storm will form on the coast. there could be rain or snow with highs in the 40's. >> this is an 11 sports. >> the raven's defense starts with the reagans pro bowl defensive tackle. he did not practice because of a shoulder injury. the pain comes from something harder to pinpoint. the ravens offense that has played a high level has scored only one touchdown in the past two road games. joe flateau has only two interceptions before the home games. the same players with very different results. things start with better communication from the sideline and a line of scrimmag
on the firsstday of sccool this year. good morning joel d. 3 3 3 3 3 some local crews are headed to western maryland... where sandy dumped almoot 30 inches of snow in garrett county. urban search and rescue team pf 140 highly trained first responders.they'll be checking wwthout ower.. and helping witt cleaanup and tree removal. the team ii carrying almost 3 million dollars in equipment... and ii coopletely "we're set up to not inundate the locallcommunity with all tteir issues that they're having, so we have a bunch of tents on these vehicles, we may be staying out in the snow." snow."all of the state's resourcessare ow ocused on garrrtt coonty... and the 15- thousand residents still wwihout power. mema has temrrrily moveddits heedquarters there. phe susquehannaariver is still rising... with all the rrnnff from sandy's rain. are now opennat conowingo tess dam... juss before the river spills out into the chesapeake bay.local officials say tte susqueeanna brings pollutants downriver heee to maryland... especiaaly during major storrs. state senator e-j pipkin sayss keeping theebay clean.y..
for this day is 62. 84 degrees was the record set in 1974. they have some snow on the and in extreme western maryland, temperatures are colder. 43 at this hour. stop takes us to the d.c. northwest winds just around 6 miles an hour. temperatures colder off to the west. winchester and gaithersburg are 39. lower '40's in maryland. mild temperatures just to the of us. colder air to the north and west. colder air will take a dive south and along with clearing skies, that will allow temperatures to fall to just around freezing. quickly moving off the coast. to amount to a but there is a potential for a new coastal take shape tomorrow. that may impact our area with heavy rain and gusty wind and of some snowty the blue ridge. a lot can change between now and wednesday. e next hours will be critical. updated here. u on the doppler radar, quiet and evening. a freeze warning now extends to frederick and anything shaded in the bright blue not including the district or southern maryland. youfeature cast will take election day. highs tomorrow jumping to 50 degrees. clouds will increase just a bit move int
resources to support other states and part of our community in western maryland. >> crews that will continue that support until at least late next week. in baltimore, brian kuebler, website woab news. >>> howard, anne arundel, washington and talbot counties along with baltimore city are among those who sent help. >>> the hatem bridge is back open tonight after a water main break forced the lanes to be shut down for more than 12 hours. water started bubbling up around havre de grace and workers had it replace the section which had burst. >> anytime your temperatures are fluctuating to that degree, you wait for the first freeze to come and then you're going to know. here with the warming of the ground and the cooling of the ground, there may have been some movement there which caused it to work its way in. >> the lanes closed over the bridge. traffic was diverted to interstate 95. it new has reopened in advance of this evening's commute. >>> we also had two other water main breaks. the road reopened. it ruptured blocking traffic. on york road they are continuing to work on another broken main.
, we're not dealing with any type of rain across the eastern shore. in western maryland that's where we're seeing action around hagerstown and some around baltimore, a few sprinkles will be dropping on your windshield. but all in all we should stay mainly dry, especially as we go into the afternoon. we look at the planner. you can plan accordingly but by 8:00 temperatures still quite chilly. 52 degrees and chilly by lunchtime, maybe a few peeks of sunshine through the afternoon but the clouds will be sticking around just like they did yesterday, and then by 3:00 temperature not budging that much, just 54 degrees, the breeze is with us. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >>> we are dealing with a crash. first one of the day. it's on 695 on the outer loop. as you can see here in hartford road it's not causing any significant delays as of yet but traffic is starting to pick up. if you are traveling on the west side of the beltway this is what it looks like at liberty road. everything moving along, 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. 83 g
coming from the south. water temperature around 50 degrees. western maryland, the warming trend gets there as well. eastern shore locations, a bright sunny skies tomorrow with just a few clouds on in -- on the upper eastern shore. mid-'60s on sunday. the 7-day forecast, a nearly 70 on sunday. even monday should be a beautiful day. showers on tuesday, highs in the low-fifties by wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. still ahead, pregnancy tests for men. well, not exactly, but they could be useful. in tonight's medical alert, the truth behind the theory that the test may help detect some types of cancer. >> finding the right brought can be a little overwhelming. coming up, some >> the maryland soldiers stationed in afghanistan did not let distance or time keep him from reading to hundreds of students. thanks to technology, he read to the students, including his own children. >> it was billed as an ordinary veterans guest leaders stay at overlook elementary school. >> the children are coming in now. >> students headed to the cafeteria to wait for their guest. little did they know that s
virginia. and far western maryland, even chillier in the mountains of pennsylvania. the chilly air is locked in with this weather pattern. the only disturbed weather nearby is as little feature that came out of the carolinas yesterday. that is lifting to the north. at the west, things are pretty dry. for several days. you can see on a wider view of our forecast view, pushing this weather disturbance out of the picture and giving us a nice weather. if you are flying to the west coast, a little stormy out there. that is more than several days away from us. we are in good shape. a morning shower to the east. 51 to 56. north northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. a little disturbance disappearing and rear drive saturday, today primarily except for today, sunday and monday. monday we will have to keep an eye on developments to the south. that could be the only problem as far as our longer-term forecast is ravens-steelers concerned-game sunday, a running game, chilly in pittsburgh. 40 to 44 will be the temperature range. here is our forecast. solidly in the 50's. thanksgiving, maybe
and we can track the disturbance into west virginia and into western maryland now with rain and mountain snow showers. they had ton of snow. garrett county more than 2 feet of snow from sandy and you saw earlier the red cross is sending out trucks to help with the relief effort. culpeper is 42. annapolis at 45. on the flip side mid 40s there by the way and 40 leesburg. you'll need the jackets and gloves this morning. jackets and sunglasses this afternoon with highs near 50 in the shenandoah valley. to about 54 here in washington. let's go over to monika. it is 6:00 a.m. volume is up? >>> yep. >> problems yet? >> volumes are up. i'm really happy to say that it is just volume and just good news after such a rough week. on the inbound side of i-66 a trash truck fire. everyone wants to receive what's going on. 37 miles an hour through that area out of manassas into centrevillement then the pace picks up as you head for vienna. fairfax and the beltway. let's take you over to a live picture in that area. actually no, to northbound 395. inbound 66 at sudley street. no problems as i said. just s
to the access road here. they are working on it. they are bulldozing it out and we have feet of snow in western maryland. power outages across garret county. the maryland national guard and you can see why. darn good early november skiing though. winds now from the west, chilly night. cool on the way. temperatures in the 40s. yeah, it's a cool weather situation and kind of a gray gloomy one. that's going to hold up tomorrow as cool air fun he is in on the back side. once again even into saturday. looks like a crisp fall day. no question about that. again though we will continue to get the clouds and a few showers in tonight. the overall pattern shifting because sandy will stay parked over areas north of new york and that wrap around flow keeping the chill in the air, no question about that. winds out of canada out of the west and northwest. that's the pattern. tonight 37, damp and cold. tomorrow 53. not terrible but maybe a few breaks of sun late in the day. there we go the next few days, more 50s, sun on tap. again toward early next week looking at another chance for rain with a new system on
freezing in western maryland where the snow keeps things quite chilly. central maryland and southern maryland, the growing season ends tonight. 25 and the suburbs and the 35 downtown. a light breeze. the sun went down at 5:00. that is early now in standard time. even with a lot of sunshine, it will be a rather chilly november day. the winds and out of the northeast. things will be gradually increasing. in the mountains where there has been snow on the ground, the sunshine is there but it is cold. a potential for a storm off the coast midweek at that, -- the better chances for precipitation will be central and eastern maryland. it looks like that will mainly impact the coastal areas. the rain will become more likely in that area, though even on the lower eastern shore, election day should be beautiful as a high-pressure holds. dropping south toward the gulf, we are expecting it to develop in north florida. the cold high pressure is supplying enough chills that some areas could see what snow mixed in. the best chance for that is wednesday evening as the storm draws in some colder air.
to high pressure that's been pushing in and is in place. a few clouds over western maryland, northern west virginia into pennsylvania, but all clear elsewhere. we've got the november constellation showing up beautifully. right now in montgomery county near 30. just near 30 in prince george's county, much of southern maryland, including charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel. right near the waters. away from the waters, the eastern shore as well as inland, all areas are at or below freezing most locations. out of the mountains into the lower teens. then by noontime, we ought to be in the low and mid-40s. sunny and a little chill in the air with that northeasterly breeze gusting from 5 to 15 miles an hour. the rest of the afternoon, we'll stay sunny. afternoon highs upper 40s to near 50 by midafternoon. overnight tonight, storm team 4 four-day forecast, increasing clouds. and by dawn on thursday, mid-30s. mostly cloudy tomorrow, maybe a little sun in and out. highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. that's way below the average high this time of year, which is at 59. on friday morning, mid
roussey, abc 7 years. >> thank you. 11:00, parts of western maryland by snow thatmeled than 2 feet of snow. at last check, 80% of garrett are withoutents power. there is a shelter in oakland, maryland. life has returned to normal for most of us, the situation returns see -- remain serious in new york city and new is justs the cleanup beginning. new york city michael bloomberg damage and staten island. than 500,000 customers in york city remained without power. recovery.signs of three subway lines are expected tomorrow. the past hour, new york reduced andrew cuomo bus fares for the rest of the week. cannot thank the rest of -- the president enough. >> governor chris christie personally thank president obama for his help. they met with concerned lost their homes. nucleus remains very much in a state of emergency tonight. -- new jersey remains very much in a state of emergency tonight. at last check, to all people killed in the state. two million remain without power. vice president joe biden made some political waves. --, dangerous and attackers attacks, and now for president is again, less
highway in ministration has deployed cruise to western maryland to help with the cleanup. in the aftermath, ocean city -- specialists are speaking out. they say levels are rising a century. some say it is too soon to say global warming is a factor but there's evidence that superstars could be the new norm. -- superstorms could be the norm. >> it is clearly -- we will expect more. >> scientists say as it landed more to the south, baltimore could have seen a catastrophic 14 foot storm surge. >> book president of canada are spending today's new job reports. -- both presidential candidates are spinning today's new job reports. with more people starting to look for work, the jobless rate picked up towards to 7.9%. president obama said the numbers are part of a pattern of progress that includes a strong auto industry, rising home values and less dependence on foreign oil. mitt romney called the increase in the and implement rate "is that reminded the economy is still at a virtual standstill." more than 90,000 voeters cast their votes today. >> kai reed has details for us. >> hurricane sandy forc
coming through a little bit in western maryland around here, still cloudy. still cool. not much motion with the temperatures. temperature changed very little since yesterday. still in the same spot in the upper 40s. the actual temp, 39 in winchester, they were in the upper 20s this morning. 50 in cambridge. that is the warm spot. as we look outside on our weather camera, cloudy skies over cc at this hour. 49 degrees. and the humidity standing at 59%. nationally, well, we're looking at shower down in the southeast. look at california, you have a storm here. there's another storm here. so these two storms are going to gang up on the west o coast over the next few days, so probably see news stories with heavy rains and snows. and the clouds continue to blow up to the north off of those showers and that's why we're kind of stuck in the cloudiness right now. i think a little bit later this afternoon we'll get a little bit o bit -- of sun before nighttime occurs. this is underdone with the clouds, but the point i want to make is the showers from north carolina coming into southeast virginia.
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